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Mold Remediation Testimonials

Megan and Andrew came out to inspect my place on Good Friday.

One contractor before quoted $25k to "fix the problem". Another wanted to install a $7k vapor barrier system.  

After doing a thorough inspection with a high quality moisture meter Megan and Andrew (owners of the company) said the increased moisture is solely due to the rain and my issue is an exterior irrigation issue and anything SERVPRO did would not solve the problem and I did not need a crawl space dehumidifier system.

Bottom line, they could have easily told me the mold I had was toxic and sold me on an expensive restoration plan but against their best interest they did not. For that reason, I am very grateful.

NOTE: (make sure the GC or whomever is looking at your place has a high quality meter - REASON: the cheap ones will give off incorrect readings. The one I bought at home depot said my entire house had excessive moisture).