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broken water heater

Maintain your San Diego Water Heater

It is important to make sure your water heater is well maintained and working properly.  A broken water heater in your San Diego home or business can do serious damage. 

flooded house

There aren't many storms in San Diego...

...But when there are, if your home floods, SERVPRO of Point Loma is here to help.

No matter how big or small the damage may appear, it is always better to call SERVPRO to get an accurate assessment of the damage and to ensure everything stays dry and mold free.

Graffiti and Vandalism SERVPRO

SERVPRO Can Also Help With Graffiti or Vandalism

When your home or business is hit by taggers, it might be hard to think of who could help clean up the damages, but look no further, as it is just one of the many things you can call up SERVPRO of Point Loma to help out with!

damage from laundry room fire

Commercial Laundry Room in San Diego with Serious Fire Damage

Fire damage is often more extensive than it appear on the surface.  SERVPRO of Point Loma can help mitigate your disaster, assessing damage and cleaning up the aftermath of a fire at your San Diego home or business. 

smoke damage on white cabinets

Smoke Damage from Kitchen Fire

Smoke and soot from even a small kitchen fire can do serious damage to furniture and the surrounding areas.  SERVPRO of Point Loma can help you take care of the damage. 

Dog and SERVPRO van and equipment

SERVPRO Mascot Sierra Inspects our New Equipment

If you're in San Diego and stop by the SERVPRO of Point Loma office you might be lucky enough to meet the SERVPRO of Point Loma official mascot and employee of the month Sierra

SERVPRO equipment

We Have Enough Equipment for Any Sized Disaster

If your San Diego home or business suffers a major(or minor) loss due to flooding, fire, mold, a storm, etc., SERVPRO of Point Loma has got you covered with enough equipment to handle any disaster. 

water damaged flooring

Water Can Cause Serious Damage to your Floors

This is a photo of just how bad water damage can get.  Water damage can spread quickly and do damage from the inside out.  In this case it caused the flooring above to warp doing irreversible damage to the homeowner's flooring.

SERVPRO owner holding orange fish

SERVPRO Family Bonding with a SERVPRO Orange Fishing Trip

We are a SERVPRO family and we're dedicated to serving our San Diego community with quality mitigation services.

Call SERVPRO of Point Loma and Meghan or another member of the SERVPRO fam will be there to help in no time!

green SERVPRO truck

Our New SERVPRO Truck!

So we can make it "faster to any sized disaster" in San Diego.

If your home or business needs mitigation after water, fire, storm, or mold damage, call SERVPRO of Point Loma at (619) 275-2802

Water damaged flooring

Water Damage in San Diego Condo

Water does way more damage beneath the surface. Here you can see SERVPRO of Point Loma had to rip up all of the flooring to ensure a complete restoration after water flooded the wood flooring.

Rain damage question

Southern California Storm Damage

Because we don’t experience too many harsh storms in sunny Southern California, we are always unprepared for rain! SERVPRO of Point Loma can help if your home or business suffers flooding or rain damage after a storm.

Smoke damage from fire

Fire Does More Damage Behind the Scenes

A fire in a nearby room may seem like it was contained enough to limit the damage, however, smoke is often the culprit of behind the scenes damage that is harder to see.

Fire damage in home

Fire Damage in San Diego Home

Our Fire Damage Restoration Services

Since each smoke and fire damage situation is a little different, each one requires a unique solution tailored for the specific conditions.  We have the equipment, expertise, and experience to restore your fire and smoke damage.  We will also treat your family with empathy and respect and your property with care.

Storm on night vision camera

Storm Footage at our SERVPRO of Point Loma Office

Storms are fun to watch, but less fun when they cause damage to your home.  If an unexpected storm hits San Diego and you wake up to flooding or damage, call SERVPRO of Point Loma at (619)275-2802

Note from happy customer

A Note From a Happy Client in San Diego

If we at SERVPRO of Point Loma can make anything better after your home suffers a disaster, we will! Unexpected fire, storm, or water damage can be scary, but we are here for you!

We Do Commercial Cleaning Too

We Do Commercial Cleaning Too

If your business needs a deep clean to reopen after The Clovis-19 restrictions, SERVPRO of Point Loma may be your answer.

We are available for professional cleaning both residential and commercial.


Our New SERVPRO Truck!

This is our new truck we can use to transport all of your belongings to our new warehouse! We will used this for commercial and residential jobs where we have to move a lot of furniture and belongings out of the way while we work.

Commercial SERVPRO Space

SERVPRO Warehouse

We finally have our own warehouse! This means we can store even more of your stuff!

If we are working on a job with a lot of damage, often, we need to take all of the person’s belongings to a storage space so it stays safe while we work.  

Fan drying water damage in bathroom

SERVPRO Equipment Drying Water Damage

We use different equipment depending on the job, but two of our most used machines are our high powered fans and our dehumidifiers.  These are used to ensure that everything is dry and mold free after water damage. 

Damaged water heater

Storm Caused Damage to Water Heater

This San Diego resident was surprised to see that a recent storm led to damage on his water heater.  SERVPRO of Point Loma had no problem safely replacing the pipes so this resident’s heater was working as good as new. 

SERVPRO equipment

SERVPRO of Point Loma equipment in action

We don’t leave a project until it truly is “Like it never even happened.” 

After a property suffers water damage, we usually have to use commercial fans and a dehumidifier to make sure everything is completely dry and there’s no chance of mold growth or further damage.

One year anniversary party

SERVPRO of Point Loma is 1 year old!

We are so happy to continue serving all of our friends and neighbors in San Diego and Point Loma!

We had a very successful year and helped a lot of people in our San Diego hometown deal with property loss and damage and we look forward to many more years to come!

SERVPRO of Point Loma 1 year anniversary party

Socially Distanced One Year Anniversary Party

SERVPRO of Point Loma recently celebrated its one year anniversary!

Times are strange right now, so we were all sure to wear our masks and stay 6 feet apart.  SERVPRO of Point Loma is proud to keep working for you even during this pandemic.

SERVPRO workers holding award

Meghan and Andrew with Rookie of the Year award

We are so proud to announce that SERVPRO of Point Loma is the proud winner of the Rookie of the Year award!

We are honored to be serving San Diego and Point Loma!

white SERVPRO van in front of San Diego view

San Diego view with SERVPRO Point Loma van

SERVPRO of Point Loma is so lucky to be serving clients in the beautiful city of San Diego! We love being able to explore new places in the city that our jobs take us to.

If you need us (or have a nice view for us to mitigate) call (619) 275-2802

dog in front of SERVPRO green van and equipment

New Equipment

Meet our crewdog, Sierra! Here she is inspecting our new van and equipment.

We recently upgrade our equpment and always make sure we are up to date to provide you the best and most efficient service possible.

new, green SERPVRO Point Loma van

SERVPRO of Point Loma Van

With our brand new SERVPRO Point Loma van, we can get to you and your disaster faster than ever!

If you need us and our new van don't hesitate to call (619) 275-2802.

SERVPRO workers on job site at Hotel del Coronado

SERVPRO workers on job site at Hotel del Coronado

One of our most memorable jobs was at the beautiful Hotel del Coronado.  We were hard at work on their ice rink.

Does your commercial space need mitigation? Call us at (619) 275-2802!

SERVPRO van in front of Hotel del Coronado

SERVPRO van in front of Hotel del Coronado

Our SERVPRO van parked in front of our worksite at the Hotel del Coronado. This was one of our most memorable (and photogenic) jobs!

Does your commercial space need mitigation? Call us at (619) 275-2802!