What our Customers say...


The customer service from the dispatch, agent and technicians are unmatched.

Andrew called me on the phone within minutes of putting in a request.  He explained the operating procedures and assured me he would get a team to me quickly.

The technicians: Josh, Andreas, and Gavin displayed extreme professionalism. Their subject matter expertise was greatly appreciated.  They worked hard and efficiently inspected walls, pulling apart damaged flooring and setting up all the equipment.

Our toilet leaked this morning and having had water damage in the past, I wanted any possible damage assessed and taken care of immediately. We spoke to Mike on the phone and he was kind and profession. He came out to our home quickly and we were grateful that when he arrived he was masked, wearing gloves and a face shield!! He assessed all and we lucked out that we didn't sustain any major water damage. If you're  looking for a professional, honest and ethical water restoration company- I highly recommend Point Loma SERVPRO. Thanks again, Mike. You were amazing.

Our house had a slow leak under the bathtub and over time the moisture damaged the tub and the surrounding drywall. SERVPRO came out and got everything cleaned up. Very professional and knowledgeable.

Nobody wants to deal with water damage, and as a first time home owner and renter, I was seriously stressed! SERVPRO was the best decision for this daunting task and I'm so happy they came to the rescue. The process was made quick, as painless as possible, and their costs are super reasonable considering we are amidst a pandemic and every last dollar spent hurts. I am extremely thankful to Meghan, one of the owners, for being so responsive and answering all of my phone calls and getting back to me promptly every time. It's hard to trust a company you don't know yet but I am glad I took the risk and I would definitely use them again in the future. The customer service is truly great! I recommend them to anyone dealing with a water damage crisis!

Great people to work with and very good in communication letting us know exactly what's going on

I’ve been working with Meghan and Andrew for years!! They do a great work and they are amazing people to work with!

Extremely happy with the service I got, fast response, friendly and helpful team and fair prices!

As a first time home owner and renter, I was seriously stressed when my tenant informed me of a leaking faucet and water damage. Nobody wants to find themselves in this situation, but if you do, SERVPRO is the best for this daunting task. I'm so happy they came to the rescue. SERVPRO made the process quick, as painless as possible, and their costs are super reasonable. I am extremely thankful to Andrew and Meghan, the owners, for being so responsive all the time throughout this process. It's hard to trust a company you don't know yet but I am glad I took the risk with SERVPRO- they did not disappoint! I would definitely use them again in the future and I recommend them to anyone dealing with a water damage crisis! Excellent customer service- I cannot stress this enough. Thank you so much SERVPRO!

Megan and Andrew came out to inspect my place on Good Friday.

One contractor before quoted $25k to "fix the problem". Another wanted to install a $7k vapor barrier system.  

After doing a thorough inspection with a high quality moisture meter Megan and Andrew (owners of the company) said the increased moisture is solely due to the rain and my issue is an exterior irrigation issue and anything SERVPRO did would not solve the problem and I did not need a crawl space dehumidifier system.

Bottom line, they could have easily told me the mold I had was toxic and sold me on an expensive restoration plan but against their best interest they did not. For that reason, I am very grateful.

NOTE: (make sure the GC or whomever is looking at your place has a high quality meter - REASON: the cheap ones will give off incorrect readings. The one I bought at home depot said my entire house had excessive moisture).

Have been working with Meghan and her team for over 10 years and they have always been excellent on handling claims and quality of work all while getting the jobs done fast. I suggest them 100%! A+

I had such a positive experience working with Meghan and Andrew! My apartment had a flood and I was completely overwhelmed! I was referred to SERVPRO Point Loma by a friend and I'm so glad I trusted her! I spoke with Meghan and she took all my stress away! Assisted me with my claim and did a wonderful job! Couldn't have asked for a better experience! Thank you!!

Meghan and Drew run this restoration company like a Swiss watch. Super fast response and results is  what this SERVPRO is all about. They not only care individually what they are doing for each customer but their knowledge of the industry is second to none. They are masters at what they do and have advanced degrees and certifications in all phases of restoration. They have worked in the restoration industry their whole lives  and it shows. They do tons of work for large commercial and residential property managers and they certainly can handle your home disaster with ease. Please do not hesitate to give this dynamic team a call!

Worked with this team (Megan and Andrew) many times along the years. As a homeowner it's never easy during a water, fire, or mold claim. Stress levels are high, but SERVPRO does a great job accommodating. They do what they say and always treat the customer right. As a vendor of theirs, they always provide the scope of work and never leave you high and dry (pun intended).


Not only is SERVPRO of Pt Loma some of the most knowledge people in this industry as they have been in this industry for a couple of generations ...but they are also incredibly generous with their time. They are willing to help day or night. If you need help and want it done right, give them a call.

Team was efficient and very careful with my stuff.  Really liked the workers.  Meghan was awesome too!!  Having really nice, respectful people around you when you have an unexpected emergency is great.  We worked out concerns and the usual challenges when you have a pack out.  They figured out a way for me to continue working out of my home despite the pack out!  Love that problem solving, can do attitude with cheerful, respectful workers!

Had the pleasure of working with Meghan, Andrew & Richard. My water damage issue was small compared to others, but they treated it with equal importance. They were clear, concise and quick to respond. Had me feeling a whole lot better quickly. Great personable people to work with, the kind you'd like to see again (though not in this circumstance). They should be your first call for when their service is needed. Thanks again SERVPRO Point Loma!

The staff at this SERVPRO location were so incredibly professional and helpful. When I called, I was immediately connected with a technician to arrange an appointment day and time that fit my schedule, and only needed a ONE HOUR window (do you realize how great that is, to not have to be sitting around for 4 or more hours, hoping they didn't forget about you).  Andrew showed up and checked out the area in question, and it turns out it was an easy surface issue - no need to rip out drywall and set up blowers.  He was so straightforward, not trying to sell me services I did not need.  I will absolutely call this SERVPRO for any and all future needs in this area!

Andrew and Meghan are amazing business owners and put their absolute heart and soul into the work that they do. ..... SERVPRO Point Loma is a dedicated team of trained professionals that are acutely aware of how they are perceived. They have the certifications, experience and customer service know-how to handle whatever disaster needs to be fixed up. I have used these guys for years for a variety of projects throughout San Diego and have always kept coming back to them. A++.

Meghan and her crew were prompt and communicative. They were polite and professional.  I'm very happy with the work they performed for me.

Owners Andrew and Meghan are all over it. I had a leak from an AC unit that required a complete replacement of the flooring and some drywall. There were a few wrinkles on my job that the team worked around with aplomb. I was so relieved to know that the SERVPRO team could coordinate the floor demo and replacement. The subcontractors on the job were spectacular as well - they did great work and were focused on service. They helped me procure flooring that fit within a very tight budget (this was an unplanned floor replacement after all).

I would recommend SERVPRO of Point Loma to a friend, or anyone looking to get great service, the ease of what feels like a one-stop shop that can get you all the way to the finish line.

I have used SERVPRO of Point Loma on multiple occasions and every time they have exceeded my expectations. I have worked with Michael Sprague and his professionalism and attention to detail is out of this world. He is very clean and keeps the area being worked on just as clean throughout the process. I would recommend SERVPRO for any water damage job in the future and hope Michael Sprague is the guy that you get! Thank you again SERVPRO!!

SERVPRO of Point Loma owners Megan and Andrew are a great company to work with. Wonderful work ethic and friendly to work with who have it out for your best interest.

If you've ever had water or mold damage in your home, it sucks.  It's stressful and that portion of your home will be out of commission for a while.  In my case, I had to displace some tenants in their rental.  Meghan came through and put my mind and the tenants' minds at ease before the work started. She was straight with us on what damage there was and gave me an accurate range of what it would cost.  (It ended up coming in on the low end).   Their crew did a great job on a short timeline in this tense situation we have going with Covid.  Took all sanitary precautions and great communication throughout.  She also lined up the reconstruction to come in and complete the job right after they were done.  Highly recommend Meghan and Andrew.  Will probably have to use them again down the road.

Andrew and Megan were great!! they worked around my schedule and did an outstanding job.

SERVPRO Point Loma are quick and reliable.  No bells and whistles they tell it to you how it is.  They know what is and is not covered by insurance and most important thing they are fair.

Last Sunday the wind and rain were so intense the huge tree in my yard crashed through a window and tore a hole in my roof. I called SERVPRO for help. I'm so glad I did! They responded immediately, boarded my window to keep the wind and rain out, installed a tarp on my roof to make sure no more rain could get in (in the dark!!), and calmed me down. They followed up with my insurance every day to make sure my claim was taken care of. Thanks for the good customer service.

What a lifesaver! Made a quick call to my buddy to help me out on one of my rentals, he recommended SERVPRO of Point Loma these guys were honest and upfront and put my mind at ease.

Our whole house flooded when we were away on vacation. Our insurance agent recommended SERVPRO. They used equipment to clean and dry everything in a few days. They even billed our insurance directly. Could have been a nightmare without them. Thanks SERVPRO!

My insurance agent recommended SERVPRO when my washing machine leaked. The rep that came to inspect was very knowledgeable and pleasant. He was very straight forward and showed me exactly where the water was located. I asked if it was a job I could handle myself, he was very helpful in explaining the type of equipment needed. I'm really glad SERVPRO didn't try to scare me into having them do the job. I hope I never need them again but if I ever do, they are my go to guys!

I had water damage in my home from a burst water line while on vacation. I called SERVPRO of Point Loma and they responded immediately. They removed the water from my basement and used equipment to dry the walls and floors to keep mold from growing. I was so pleased with how they were able to make a bad situation better from day one. Very professional team that I would be happy to recommend to anyone I know.