What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

Our house had a slow leak under the bathtub and over time the moisture damaged the tub and the surrounding drywall. SERVPRO came out and got everything cleaned up. Very professional and knowledgeable.

Megan and Andrew came out to inspect my place on Good Friday.

One contractor before quoted $25k to "fix the problem". Another wanted to install a $7k vapor barrier system.  

After doing a thorough inspection with a high quality moisture meter Megan and Andrew (owners of the company) said the increased moisture is solely due to the rain and my issue is an exterior irrigation issue and anything SERVPRO did would not solve the problem and I did not need a crawl space dehumidifier system.

Bottom line, they could have easily told me the mold I had was toxic and sold me on an expensive restoration plan but against their best interest they did not. For that reason, I am very grateful.

NOTE: (make sure the GC or whomever is looking at your place has a high quality meter - REASON: the cheap ones will give off incorrect readings. The one I bought at home depot said my entire house had excessive moisture).

I had such a positive experience working with Meghan and Andrew! My apartment had a flood and I was completely overwhelmed! I was referred to SERVPRO Point Loma by a friend and I'm so glad I trusted her! I spoke with Meghan and she took all my stress away! Assisted me with my claim and did a wonderful job! Couldn't have asked for a better experience! Thank you!!

Had the pleasure of working with Meghan, Andrew & Richard. My water damage issue was small compared to others, but they treated it with equal importance. They were clear, concise and quick to respond. Had me feeling a whole lot better quickly. Great personable people to work with, the kind you'd like to see again (though not in this circumstance). They should be your first call for when their service is needed. Thanks again SERVPRO Point Loma!

Last Sunday the wind and rain were so intense the huge tree in my yard crashed through a window and tore a hole in my roof. I called SERVPRO for help. I'm so glad I did! They responded immediately, boarded my window to keep the wind and rain out, installed a tarp on my roof to make sure no more rain could get in (in the dark!!), and calmed me down. They followed up with my insurance every day to make sure my claim was taken care of. Thanks for the good customer service.

Our whole house flooded when we were away on vacation. Our insurance agent recommended SERVPRO. They used equipment to clean and dry everything in a few days. They even billed our insurance directly. Could have been a nightmare without them. Thanks SERVPRO!